Kalopalink 2004

An initiation to unsupported expeditions in East Greenland. We spent 7 days on the icecap and 8 days kayaking in the fjord.

Nekrayak 2002
(Lovers In The Wind)

A fast crossing of the greenlandic icecap: 11 days 7 hours 11 minutes.
(Norwegians are still faster... without kites... we'll be back;)

Kjölur 2002

A 8 days trip in the wind of Iceland

Nanooq 2001

A 14 days trip in the land of polar bears

Hielo Sur 2000

An attempt in the Campo de Hielo Sur, in Patagonia. 24 days of hell.

Inlandsis 1998

Crossing the Greenland Icecap, from East to West. 560 km in 19 days.

Baffin Land 1999

Ten days on Baffin frozen sea. A small trip, but cold conditions (-35/40degres in late february, early march)

Spitsbergen 1996

A 14 days trip, to Newtontoppen and back to the russian coal mine of Pyramiden.

Iceland 1996

120km in Iceland, north to south, between Akureyri and Thorisvatn.